Four Winds Residence is positioned in a prime location on the favoured Anatolian side of Istanbul, directly adjacent to the Baghdad Avenue, where the business district meets the wider and upper-class residential area. Four Winds Project, in which ultimate applications and a deluxe life is implemented in the facade and details of interior architecture, incorporates all pearls of smart building technology.



In Four Winds Residence, every day starts with a unique Istanbul view from the Princes' Islands to the historical peninsula. Starting from the Princes' Islands and touching Çamlıca Hill through Kalamış Marina, a unique visual feast, from historic Istanbul to the beaches of Yeşilköy along with a 360 degree Istanbul view is waiting for you at Four Winds Residence.


Green Areas

With lush gardens, Four Winds Residence alsohas the characteristics of being the first in Turkey. Built on a 44-hectare land, a large part of Four Winds Residence consists of green areas.

Green Areas

Istanbul, Where Asia Meets Europe

A unique world metropolis that unites East and West…
The only city in the world that lies on two different continents…
Fertile lands for which empires, kingdoms and reigns wage wars… Different cultures, economic backgrounds and ages across a complex warren of distinct neighbourhoods ranged over seven hills…
This magnificent city, with its centuries-old cultural heritage, natural wealth and magnificent Bosphorus view, now hosts a brand new residence!

For those with higher expectations from life:
Four Winds Residence!


  • Concept design is prepared by WS Atkins International Limited, UK, one of the world’s most prestigious design companies
  • Towers are built as reinforced concrete buildings using C35 with the highest strength quality
  • The facade is manufactured using Class A2 fireproof Alicobant material
  • Woodwork is of Schüco brand, coated with non-flammable dye and equipped with a fire barrier on each floor, while windows have the features of automatic opening, high level of heat and noise insulation and automatic closing above a certain wind speed
Çalışma Yüzeyi 35


Central floor heating system, room thermostat controlled, independently controlled in each room

Çalışma Yüzeyi 34


Connected to external unit on every second floor, VRV system, concealed ceiling type unit, air conditioning system for both heating and cooling and independently adjustable in every room

Çalışma Yüzeyi 37


Four elevators in every tower, of 4 m/sec speed and offering comfortable transfer, connected with the central security system



  • Ventilation system with smoke exhaust and spring water extinguisher system within apartments, vacuum smoke exhaust system at floors for smoke outlet, Jet-Fan system at car parking areas and additionally fire escape pressurization halls
  • Further to fire extinguishers, fire detection and warning systems are capable to ensure high level of protection and security
  • Equipped with emergency announcement system
Çalışma Yüzeyi 36


  • Flat entrance doors are equipped with fingerprint system and there is videophone system in the flat to ensure safe communication
  • Private security guards at the site entrance gates
  • Security room equipped with special cameras for 24 hours monitoring
  • 24-hour CCTV monitoring room for automation systems and fire systems
Çalışma Yüzeyi 38


6 generators of 905 kVA each. Providing the same energy during power interruption.

Çalışma Yüzeyi 39


Three floors with three different entrances and are indoor parking lots Driver’s room and car washing areas



Block A-B
Gross: 350 m2


Block A-B
Gross: 340 m2


Block A-B
Gross: 223 m2


Block A-B
Gross: 117 m2


Block A-B
Gross: 690 m2


Fitness center equipped with imported exercise equipment, steam bath, Turkish steam bath, SPA and private massage rooms, hot tub, special heated stone beds, skincare room, hairdresser, shoeshine parlor, laundry, kitchen area, business center to be allocated to your meetings, dining room for your special parties, lounge, children’s playing room, baby room and praying room


Hot tub featured outdoor swimming pool that can be utilized all around the year, children’s swimming pool, resting and sunbathing zone, ponds and walking trails, children’s playgrounds, recreation sites on green areas decorated with special flowers and trees

Housekeeping, Catering, Concierge

Local Area

Located near the Baghdad Avenue, Göztepe at the heart of the city

The sweeping view that welcomes Four Winds Residence residents every morning extends from the Princes’ lslands to Kalamış Marina. Located just beside the Freedom Park, one of the largest green areas on the Asian side. “Four Winds Residence” is within walking distance to Göztepe Park and Caddebostan road and thus allows the residents to enjoy top-notch lstanbul view.

Market Outlook

Turkey is an attractive country in terms of its location, tourism, business and entertainment opportunities and quality of life. Istanbul, where Europe and Asia meet, stands out as a high value-added and profitable real estate paradise.The Istanbul real estate market has become very affordable due to the global conjuncture and the local economic situation.In the Istanbul real estate market, the square meter price of A-type residences is in the range of 10,000 – 15,000 USD, considering the location, view, return on investment and material quality. This price range is extremely attractive when compared to world metropolises of Istanbul scale.In summary, it is the right time to invest in Istanbul and the right choice for you is Four Winds Residence!
In summary, it is time to invest in Istanbul and the best choice for you is Four Winds Residence!



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